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Annette's talent is conveyed not only through her expressive drawings and paintings, but also throughout her history as a commercial artist and designer. She currently owns Zoom Design, Inc., a graphic design, illustration and advertising consulting firm. This page is an excerpt from the Anatra Art brochure. Please click on an image or text area for more information.

“When you love what you do, that love reaches out and touches the beholder.”

Placido Anatra

Annette’s incomparable and unique art style sets a distinctive tone for the new millennium and beyond. Her art of "Inspirationalism" is born from vision, emotion and life experiences, which are translated onto the canvas or paper in a rich palette of light, color and depth. "There are so many ideas in my head just waiting to come alive… to live endlessly and remain fresh,” avows the artist.

Annette is a Cleveland, Ohio native and a graduate of the distinguished Cleveland Institute of Art. She has a BFA in Industrial Design with a minor in Graphic Design and Photography. Her talent has earned her accolades in Photography (1980), the Ford Automobile Competition (1980), the American Institute of Architects Architectural Delineator of the Year (1991), an ADDY (1998) and an Honorable Mention in the a la cArt show at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art (2007). She is a member of the Gulf Coast Artist Alliance and PAVA (Professional Association of Visual Artists).